LC series: Baltic Amber collars with leather fixings


Product code: LC series

Available quantity 28

Matterials - Raw Untreated Baltic Amber, Italian Leather

Length Variaties - 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm and 65cm

Fixings - Leather strap

€1500 inc VAT
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Country of origin: Lithuania
Manufacturer: BA4U

Baltic Amber Collar with Leather strap is suited for Dogs. LC series collar is 100% natural and certified Baltic amber collar for pets. Suitable for your Dog or Puppy. A must have product for every pet lover!

All Amber Collar Features :

✮ 100% authentic Baltic Amber

✮ Natural Italian Leather

✮ 100 % natural, non-toxic and chemical free product

✮ Handmade , highest quality standards

✮ Raw amber is a natural prevention against ticks and fleas

✮ Anti-Inflammatory and Succinic Acid Immune System Boosting

The lether strap has extra holes, so it gives you an extra inch to the standard length

MEASURE YOUR PET’S NECK WITH PRECISION BEFORE ORDERING! BEST FITS IF YOU CAN PUT A FINGER OR TWO BETWEEN THE COLLAR AND THE NECK! Best preventive effect can be reached if the collar is changed every two months. When raw amber beads become polished, re-order the collar in order to get the best preventive effect. Baltic amber collars are 100% natural, each bead is authentic in its shape and color. All products are handmade and may vary in weight, color and length. STOCK IS LIMITED! Buy now and get the promotional discount price!

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